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    My name is Stefanie, the high-end photographer for personal branding photography for entrepreneurs. With my experience in the business market, there have been many entrepreneurs who I have been able to help by capturing and amplifying their story in powerful images.


    Welcome to my website where I enthusiastically share my greatest passion with you, namely high-end photography. But before I do that, I'd like to tell you who you have in front of you.

    People with the sun sign in Gemini are curious and like to make contact. They are energetic and committed. Creative by nature, imaginative and always on the move. A sketch that describes me in detail as a photographer.


    My moon sign in Scorpio also brings out my sensitive side, where I like to listen to my intuition and follow my heart in the choices I make. In addition, my empathetic ability to put myself in the shoes of others has been strongly developed and I can easily sense what you need.

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    Shine whenever you are ready.

    Personal contact

    Personal contact is important to me and promotes a pleasant atmosphere during a photoshoot. With my calm and sensitive character and positive energy, I have a good sense of what you need. My goal is to give you a feeling of self-confidence so that you feel completely at ease and be yourself during the photoshoot. I will make you shine as a person, company or brand. And all of this whenever you are ready. Curious about what my working method looks like? Take a sneak peek.

    High End, Elegance 
    & Aesthetic

    My photography style can be recognized by the simplicity in every photo.

    And "with a touch of glamour", as a customer once so beautifully described.

    Logo Francesstefanie

    The name Francesstefanie comes from my two first names that I proudly linked to my company. Photography is something very personal to me, something that arose from my greatest passion. For years I went outside with my camera to become the photographer I became today. Through experience I quickly learned my own style that suits me best.

    Even before my company was registered in 2017, I received requests from various entrepreneurs who asked me to photograph for them. It was tempting, but in my opinion I thought that having an eye for detail, the technical aspect of the photo also had to be correct. I decided to take several courses in Amsterdam.  The years passed by and so my passion also became the path to success. My photography work consisted of increasingly bigger brands. Think Amsterdam hotels in the higher segment such as Krasnapolsky and Sheraton, fashion brands as Lacoste and GUESS and exclusive drinks brands such as Louis Roederer and Aix Rosé.


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