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Product Branding Campagne 

With the Product Branding Campaign, your product becomes successful, visually visible and attractive to new customers within one day. Your product in a High End jacket, captured with professional photography in a daylight studio.

What will this campaign bring you? An image bank with unique photos of your product in different settings developed especially for you. With this series of High End photos you can give your website a re-boost, significantly expand your socials and create strong branding.

In addition to photography, are you also interested in video? Expand your shoot with the extra option and receive an X number of creative reels in consultation.


How it works

For the launch of the Product Branding Campaign, we will start with two dates in April and May. A spesific daylight studio is chosen where I have not photographed before to continue to offer unique settings. A light, minimalist and very aesthetic daylight studio with a homely atmosphere and classic appearance.


Prior to this campaign, we will start off with a brainstorming session in which your vision and goals are discussed, we will determine which images you need to reach your customers and how they can stand out best. In addition, we make a choice from horizontal, vertical images or a combination of these.

During the brainstorming session we also discuss how your products will get to location. In principle, the items are delivered in advance by post or courier so that I can get a feel for the products. Do you want to hand over the items manually or do you want to be physically present during the shoot? Please let me know in advance. Due to the tight time schedule, it is no longer possible to change the schedule once on location. However, the opportunity can be used to record behind the scenes photos and videos for your own use.

15 photos | €600 excl. VAT

20 photos | €750 excl. VAT

25 photos | €900 excl. VAT + 1 free reel

30 photos | €1000 excl. VAT + 1 free reel

Price per reel a 15 sec | €95 excl. VAT


The daylight studio

I have chosen a daylight studio where I haven't photographed before, so that I can continue to offer unique settings. The photoshoot will take place in an characteristic building that has been converted into a daylight studio, located between Haarlem, Aerdenhout and Heemstede. The building was built in 1915 and many of the homely elements are still present, but have been given a more modern look.


Elements such as wood and daylight are natural elements that are beneficial to human well-being and productivity. For this reason the architect have chosen to use materials, colors and lighting that have a positive effect on our senses. A sense of security and serenity are stimulated and that is exactly what I, as a photographer, want to convey in the photos.


Would you like to be assured of a place?

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