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Work with me

As a High End photographer in the business market, I help entrepreneurs tell the story behind their brand through strong images. Do you want to create an unique selling point? Continue where others stop and give people a look behind the scenes of your company.


Offer your customers more, let them identify with your brand. Create a lifestyle, let them be inspired. Tell the unique story behind your company. Make the team behind the product or service visible. Ensure openness and transparency.

Curious about how the photo shoot works and what I pay attention to as a photographer? I would be happy to show you what a photo shoot with me looks like.

Together we dive into the process of developing conceptual ideas. We ensure that everything is well discussed in advance so that your brand looks great during the photo shoot.


Digital intake

We start with a digital intake where we will discuss all your wishes with each other. You tell me why you choose professional photography and how photos will contribute to the story behind your company. In addition, I will ask you which additional options will apply to you, such as finding a suitable location , possibly connecting with a videographer, etc.



After we've spoken by telephone and jointly agreed on a final date, it is time to visualize the shoot. A nice tool for this is Pinterest, where you can easily and quickly put together a mood board with inspiring images that appeal to you. Do you find this difficult and would you rather outsource it? Please let me know and explain in words how you see it.


Callsheet + tips & tricks

We are getting closer to the photoshoot, but before that happens I will provide you with a tailor-made call sheet for the day. We can stick to this strictly or use it as a checklist so that nothing is overlooked on the day itself. I will also give you a handout with useful tips and tricks. This way I ensure that you can work towards this day completely relaxed without any last minute stress.


The photoshoot

The time has come, the big day has arrived. Everything has been taken care of down to the last detail and everyone has been sufficiently briefed. During the photo shoot you will see me at work with utmost concentration. I apply styling tips and don't overlook any detail. Put any models at ease and provide them with appropriate coaching tips so that everyone knows exactly what is expected of them. Enough tools to guide you through the day and enjoy it.



Within 3 working days I will provide you with a rough selection of images, in which I give you the opportunity to pass on your personal selection to me.

The moment I receive the selection, post-processing begins. Post-processing consists of cropping the photo, light correction, white balance, color correction, contrast, retouching, etc. Within two weeks you will receive the final images including editing and sharing of the new images can begin!


Would you like to get in touch to schedule a photo shoot, check my availability, or do you have other questions? Feel free to email, call or WhatsApp.


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